About PetPlate

PetPlate is on a mission to improve the lives of pets through a sensible diet of real food that is fresh and nutritionally balanced. It is the first DTC subscription service to ship freshly cooked, pre-portioned pet meals nationwide. The company was founded by Renaldo Webb who, as a management consultant, witnessed the mass production of processed pet food, and was dismayed by the inferior ingredients that our beloved pets were being fed. Renaldo thought there had to be a better way, and set out to reinvent the way we nourish our pets. The goal of PetPlate is to humanize the entire dining experience for pets and make it a joyful and satisfying experience for pets and pet parents alike.

PetPlate is addressing the $24BN pet food market with innovative products and an exciting new customer experience. PetPlate meals are beautifully branded and ready to serve. The meals do not contain any by-products, rendered meats or preservatives, and all proteins have passed USDA inspection. Designed by a veterinary clinical nutritionist for optimal health and wellness, the meals are prepared in a state-of-the-art facility in the mid-west. Cold-pressure technology is used to extend shelf life and lock in nutrition and flavor – the same process used to preserve many human foods.

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